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Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark

Cathedral of St. Mark's Square in Venice, in the eponymous square. Near the cathedral is the Ducal Palace. St. Mark's Cathedral was built in the shape of a Greek cross. This is a vivid example of Byzantine architecture. Today he is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In the Cathedral of St. Mark's relics of St. Mark, as well as valuable art objects that were removed from Constantinople during the Crusades. Here you will see the Quadriga of St. Mark, which is the only surviving example of multi-figure horse antique sculpture.
Particularly noteworthy are the mosaics that adorned the cathedral. Here you can also see a valuable relic of the cathedral - Pala d'Oro. This altarpiece, which consists of 250 fragments. It is decorated with precious stones and placed in a special frame of gilded silver. In 1797, a few gems were seized by Napoleon. Today, however, still have the image of jewelry and sapphires, and amethysts and rubies, and pearls.

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