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Lake Molveno received the "5 sails"


Poet Antonio Fogatstsaro rightly called it "a precious jewel in the casket." Lake Molveno third consecutive year, recognized by the Italian Touring Club and the Legambiente environmental organization the most beautiful lake in Italy and awarded the "5 sails".

Located in the province of Trento the lake surrounded by the Natural Park Adamello Brenta, near the massif Dolomite Brenta.

Lake Length - 4-5 km, width - 1.5 km, the average depth ranges from 3 to 49 meters. Transparent pure water Molvena, beauty and silence of the surrounding area - a great place for solitude and communion with nature. It is popular among lovers of active tourism - among sailing fans, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, fishing, hiking, rock climbing. You can rent a boat or catamaran.

The waters of the lake trout, perch, arctic char and other fish. Near the lake you can meet some of the animals - rabbits, deer and others. In winter, these places are popular among lovers of skiing and snowboarding. Attractive and local monuments. On the shore of the lake, at the foot of the mountain massif of the same name stretches a picturesque village. Molvena is known as the resting place of a number of celebrities.

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