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Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral stands in the center of Milan. This magnificent marble cathedral is a striking example of medieval Gothic architecture. 

Construction of the cathedral began in the beginning of the 15th century and lasted five decades. The main author of the project was the architect Marco di Campione, but in the process of decorating this facility attended one hundred eighty architects. The facades of the cathedral in the unusual decoration on its walls are more than 3,500 sculptures, the most famous of which is "The Golden Madonna". The interior of the temple is not less solemn than its exterior finish. The huge stained glass windows, marble columns and mysterious twilight create a unique majestic atmosphere, filled with historical mysteries and riddles. Links to Milan Cathedral is on the subway, on the train ride to the red line to the station «Duomo». 



Милан, как много в этом звуке...
Несмотря на то, что сегодня внешний облик Милана определяется прежде всего современной архитектурой, в этом городе можно найти большое количество исторических мест и достопримечательностей и даже  трудно себе представить , что  начиналось все когда -то  с небольших поселков  лигурийцев на болотах....  
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