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Autumn holidays in Italy: 14 destinations


If you are lucky enough to travel to Italy in the fall, you will not regret your choice! Heat and insane amounts of tourists will not prevent you from appreciating and savoring Italy with its generous land, abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, rich variety of wine and cheese and new tourist discoveries. Where to go to in Italy in the fall?

Urban tourism, pilgrimages, festivals and holidays, sea and mountain adventures... Now almost every Italian settlement prepares its own program of entertainment and is happy to introduce it to travelers from all over the world. A fall holidays in Italy is like a sip of vintage wine. With a little patience, you are guaranteed to experience the incomparable pleasure in the heart of the Mediterranean!

Central Italy

White Night in Rome, Lazio

Festival "Notte Bianca” in Rome takes place in early September from Saturday till Sunday. This is a fantastic opportunity to combine the "Night of Museums" with learning about places in Rome, which you would never see open to visitors!.. If you find yourself in the Eternal City in mid-November, look for the poster of the International Festival of Sacred Music and Art.

Photo source: bedandbreakfastostiaantica.it.

What to see in Rome? Among the attractions of the Eternal City is a beautiful Trevi Fountain which is especially unforgettable at night.

Where to stay in Rome? Interesting offer – Royal Vatican Relais is just 600 meters away from the Vatican Museums. You can also choose any other hotel in Rome according to your taste.

Marino grape festival, Lazio

If everything you know about Italy are the adventures of the character of Adriano Celentano from the movie "The Taming of the Scoundrel", then you should definitely visit Sagra dell’Uva in Marino (near Rome) on the first Sunday of October. It is a fun feast of the grape harvest and the triumph of Italian wine, which will later keep everybody warm on the rainy autumn evening ... :)

Photo source: romaepiu.it.

What to see in Marino? The historic fountain (at the festival it becomes the center of events), a solemn procession of the Madonna del Rosario, medieval knights tournament.

Where to stay in Marino? You can find accommodation on the spot or stay nearby, in Frattokkie (county Marino). It is a 5-minute drive from Ciampino Airport and 20 km from Rome.

Palm Riviera in Ancona, Marche

Ancona is one of the centers of the Adriatic Riviera, in the Marche region (Riviera delle Palme), and if you enjoy sea in the velvet season, you can go there without any doubt. Not only beautiful beaches are situated near Ancona, but also stalactite Frasassi Caves that impress with their beauty.

Photo source: Gep di Wikipedia in italiano.

What to see in Ancona? You should visit the main Catholic cathedral, the Arch of Trajan, and Santa Casa Cathedral (in the outskirts of the city).

Where to stay in Ancona? You can get a beautiful sea view from the windows of Complesso Residenziale Augustus. Other hotels in Ancona are listed here.

Florence Paper Lantern Festival, Tuscany

Florence is also one of the most popular Italian cities to visit in the fall. Paper Lantern Festival takes place here on 6-7 September. This is one of the major festive events in the city, called "the cradle of the Renaissance." Florence reveals its true colors during the holidays.

Photo source: toscanainside.com.

What to see in Florence? Certainly, among many attractions in Florence you cannot forget the Ponte Vecchio, or the Golden Bridge. Among the churches special place takes the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Where to stay in Florence? Hotel Cestelli is located in 200 meters from the Ponte Vecchio. Also there are plenty of other suggestions for travelers in the city.

Festival of White Truffle in San Miniato, Tuscany

San Miniato is jokingly called "the city of white truffles." The mushroom festival begins on the second Saturday of November and lasts until the end of the month. White truffles are one of the most valuable kinds of fungi in the world. The largest truffle found in San Miniato, weighed 2.5 kg!

Photo source: italtour.org.

What to see in San Miniato? Bonaparte Square, Church of the Holy Cross (18th century), the Monastery of St. Francis (13th century).

Where to stay in San Miniato? In November, which is the month of the visits to museums and leisure sightseeing, it is better to stay in Pisa, the commune center. And finally, see enough of Leaning Tower of Pisa :)

Eurochocolate in Perugia, Umbria

In mid-October, all lovers of chocolate sweets from around the world, should spend a week in Perugia. That is exactly how long does the Eurochocolate festival last. As the matter of fact, Perugia is a "Sweet Capital" of Italy. It is the homeland of the company «Perugina», which is one of the main producers of Italian chocolate.

Photo source: autoconconducente.com.

What to see in Perugia? The most famous sights are Fontana Maggiore and many ancient temples, one of which – Sant'Angelo – dates back to the 5th century!

Where to stay in Perugia? I Gioielli Dell'Umbria complex is close to the city center and is the best in terms of price/quality correlation. For other offers in Umbria – go here.

Southern Italy

Pizza and music in Naples, Campania

In early September, one Neapolitan weekend is traditionally dedicated to authentic Italian pizza. Festival named “Pizza Village” is the main pizza festival in the world! And right after that (sometimes even on the very next day) Naples once again becomes a musical capital of Italy, because of the start of Festa di Piedigrotta (a festive competition of lyrical music).

Photo source: pickyourtrail.com.

What to see in Naples? This city is famous for its numerous attractions. And if you happen to come here in November, you will get a unique opportunity to visit the archaeological sites of ancient Pompeii, covered by the ashes of Vesuvius.

Where to stay in Naples? Not far from the city center, Residenza Il Castello is situated. In addition, there are many other offers for any taste.

Seaside luxury in Catania, Sicily

Warm Ionian Sea, delightful sunsets and sunrises, kilometers of clean beaches at the foot of the volcano Etna ... Even in the middle of October, in the "low" season, it is still often warm and sunny. Rich harvest of exotic fruits, fishing, delicious pasta and a variety of olives – the autumn holidays in Italy is very diverse. You should stay at least until the Persimmon Festival in November. You will be warmly welcomed in Misilmeri that is nearby!

Photo source: web.kalid.com.cn.

What to see in Catania? Here you can see interesting bird reservation, the Ursino Castle and much more. And also, fishing villages that stretch along the sea coast to the north of the city.

Where to stay in Catania? Like any resort town in Sicily, Catania has a lot of tourist options to offer.

Coral Riviera in Alghero, Sardinia

The resort town Alghero, on the northwestern coast of Sardinia island is known as the "Coral Riviera". Here, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you can find rare red coral. The beaches stretch for 90 km. This is one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Photo source: elfarohotel.it.

What to see in Alghero? The Cathedral di Santa Maria, Maddalena Tower, the Old town, the port, Bastion... And, of course, coral jewelry and souvenirs!

Where to stay in Alghero? One of the cozy city hotels with a sea view is the West Coast.

Northern Italy

Sea celebrations in Genoa, Liguria

Celebrations near sea, exhibitions, red tuna festival, regatta, port legends of Genoese ... In early September, the homeland of Nicolo Paganini, and Christopher Columbus has a lot to offer to its guests! The sea is crystal clear, moreover, Genoa is surrounded by the Apennines mountain range from the Northern side.

Photo source: buothz.deviantart.com.

What to see in Genoa? The Genoa lighthouse and spectacular coastline Boccadasse are among the most interesting places.

Where to stay in Genoa? In Bruxelles Margherita you will get beautiful view of the city. You can find out about other hotels in Genoa here.

Juliet’s Birthday in Verona, Verona

If you want to congratulate an eternally young Juliet on her birthday, then go to Verona on 16 September. The romantic story will take place in the House of Juliet, and it is sure to touch even skeptics’ heart.

Photo source: flickr.com by SuBho_photography.

What to see in Verona? The main architectural masterpieces of the city, as well as the route of the exciting story of Romeo and his beloved are at your disposal.

Where to stay in Verona? You can choose a romantic hotel All 'Angolo di Romeo, or any other place where you want to stay.

Cheese Festival in Bra, Piedmont

In September, a small Italian town of Bra (Cuneo province in the Piedmont region) becomes the center of cheese and wine Culinary Arts. Every two years, in the second half of September, cheese lovers come to the festival. And every year, in the fall wine lovers come to Bra in Piedmont.

Photo source: italia-mia-amore.blogspot.com.

What to see in Bra? The Blessed Virgin (Madonna dei Fiori) is the patroness of the city, and you can see the Catholic cathedral dedicated to Her. The main holiday is on 8 September.

Where to stay in Bra? The small town offers a variety of interesting possibilities for relaxation and recreation.

Celtic New Year in Milan, Lombardy

In late October, the ancient Milan Sforza Castle – Castello Sforzesco – invites all of its guests to celebrate the Celtic New Year. The Medieval Europe, knights in armor, the history that came to life... Fans of Hemingway’s works will also be interested in the castle because he wrote about it in his book "A Moveable Feast."

Photo source: italiainsolita.blogspot.com.

What to see in Milan? One of the largest cities in Italy is full of possibilities and attractions. And the most interesting street of the city is Via Montenapoleone.

Where to stay in Milan? Apartment Cadorna Suites is 500 meters from the Castello Sforzesco. Other proposals are available here.

Madonna della Salute in Venice, Venice

The triumph of the Santa Maria della Salute is celebrated by Italians every year on 21 November, as the memory of the liberation from the plague. The major events take place in Venice. This time of year is particularly interesting. The water rises and the city becomes a true "republic on the water."

Photo source: miriadna.com.

What to see in Venice? The city has many sights that are worth seeing. But apart from them, do not forget to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute on the shore of the Venetian canal.

Where to stay in Venice? Hotels Ca Maria Adele and Locanda Ca 'Messner are located near the Cathedral. Other proposals of Venice are here.

Before your fall trip to Italy, it is important to check the weather forecast for the selected region. And you should take not only light clothes for warm days, but a jacket and jeans for the cooler evenings. Or to schedule a visit to the big Outlet. By the way, there are no fall sales in Italy. Just the pure pleasure :)

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