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Palazzo Pamphilj, Rome

Palazzo Pamphilj, Rome

On the Via Corso, near Piazza Venezia in Rome, is the famous Palazzo Pamphilj. The building consists of more than a thousand rooms and occupies an entire block. Palazzo Pamphilj in Rome is privately owned and belongs to the heir of an old Italian family, Jonathan Pamphilj.

The main attraction of the Palazzo is the richest private art gallery in Rome, with more than six hundreds masterpieces. In the palace you can see the real works of art collected by generations of connoisseurs of fine art Pamphilj family:

  • elegant ceiling and wall paintings with stucco ornaments and arabesques
  • antique furniture, luxury lamps, chandeliers, Venetian mirrors;
  • ancient Greek and Roman statues and busts of popes and cardinals;
  • collection of antique tapestries;
  • collection of paintings, including works by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio and Carracci.

Purchasing a ticket,who wish to see the Palazzo attractions, gets the audio guide,where the current heir Doria Pamphilj Jonathan narrates the history of the palace and its exhibits in English, French or Italian.

History of the Palazzo Pamphilj

The history of the famous museum began in the second half of the XVII century, when the prince Camillo Pamphilj quarreled with his uncle, Pope Innocent X.Camillo refused of the post of Cardinal, brilliant ecclesiastical career and married the beautiful Olivia Aldobrandini, whose dowry was the palazzo. When the scandal died down, Camille and Olivia started to collect paintings, frescoes and sculptures, also, began the construction of the palace and its interior design.

History of the Palazzo Pamphilj in present time is not devoid of Italian passion and it is exciting as an adventure novel. Prince Filippo Pamphilj during the Second World War was an antifascist and was in a concentration camp, and his daughter Orietta had to hide in the working-class neighborhoods of Trastevere. After the war, Orietta, together with her husband in a palace on the Corso opened private gallery to the public.

The current owner of the gallery, the adopted son of Orietta Jonathan, finished the restoration of the Palazzo in 1996, and since then Pamphilj Gallery is one of the most famous places in Rome.

Exhibits of the Gallery Doria Pamphilj

Paintings and sculptures of the Pamphilj museum collection consists of several collections. In the Aldobrandini gallery you can see:

  • French landscape painting of the XVII century by Claude Lorrain;
  • famous frescoes from the series "Aldobrandini lunettes" Annibale Carracci;
  • masterpiece by Velazquez- a portrait of Innocent X.

In the Pamphilj gallery you will see:

  •  the works of famous artists Correggio, Guercino, Pieter Brueghel, Guido Reni, Jacopo de Ponte and Giovanni Bellini;
  •  bust of Pope Innocent X.

In the gallery Doria you have the opportunity to see:

  • the works of the great Italian geniuses: Caravaggio, Titian, Raphael, Bernini;
  • masterpieces by Jan Brueghel and Jose de Ribera.

Hall of Mirrors in the Palazzo brings delight to visitors with its ceiling paintings, depicting scenes of the life of Hercules, an artist from Bologna, Milano. The walls are decorated with priceless Venetian mirrors, which are located near the Ancient statues and huge Egyptian vases of porphyry.

How to get to the Palazzo Pamphilj

Palazzo Pamphilj is located on Via del Corso, 305 Rome.To the Pamphilj Palace you can reach by public transport or a taxi to Piazza Venezia and Via del Corso. From Termini Station rides bus №64, you have to pass 7 bus stops and get off at Piazza Venezia.

Opening hours: the museum takes visitors every day from 9:00 to 19:00, except for Easter,Christmas and January 1st. The ticket price is 12 euros.


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