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Four Fountains, Rome

Four Fountains, Rome

Four fountains in Rome is a composition of four fountains, situated on the corners of buildings at the intersection of the streets Quirinale and Quattro Fontane. Fountains were created thanks to the Pope Sixtus V, who ordered their construction in the late 16th century. Each fountain has its own sculpture. One of them is dedicated to the Tiber River, the other to the Arno River. Two other fountains are dedicated to the goddesses Diana and Juno. The authors of the sculptures of the fountains were Domenico Fontana and Pietro da Cortona.

This landmark should not be confused with the fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome.

How to get there

In order to get to the intersection of the streets Quirinale and Quatro Fontane, you can take the metro. To do this, go to the station Barberini. From there you need to walk a little more along the street Quatro Fontane.

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