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Flaminio Bridge, Rome

Flaminio Bridge, Rome

Flaminio Bridge is one of the vivid representatives of the architecture of the fascist period. It connects banks of the Tiber River. The bridge expresses the power of Rome of those times. History revives here, before the eyes of tourists.

History of Flaminio Bridge

Ponte Flaminio has become one of the latest creations of Roman architecture during the reign of Mussolini. Like many buildings, the bridge was the embodiment of the power, strength and uniqueness of Italy. The length of the bridge is more than 250 meters. The bridge is divided into 5 equal sections by arches. The main material is concrete. The carriageway of the bridge is lined with white travertine. Such color gives bridge lightness and nobility.

On both sides of the bridge, the pedestrian sidewalk lies. Cylindrical columns are installed along. On each of them there is a sculpture of an eagle. This bird has been a symbol of the Roman Empire for centuries. And now these stone timekeepers look at people passing by. A row of lanterns make walks on Flaminio Bridge more comfortable.

How to get there

To Flaminio Bridge you can get by buses №32, 69, 201 and 223. It is best to walk on foot along the promenade Salvo D'Acquisto.


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