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Planetarium and Astronomical Museum, Rome

Planetarium and Astronomical Museum, Rome

Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Rome (Planetario e Museo Astronomico) was opened on May 26, 2004, located in the Museum of Roman Civilization. Thanks to an interesting program, it has immediately won great popularity among amateur astronomers.

Program of Planetarium in Rome

The new planetarium in Rome was opened almost 20 years after the closure of the old city planetarium. Its area is 300 square meters, and the diameter of the dome reaches 14 meters. It is designed for 100 visitors. In the program of the planetarium, you can observe perfectly reproduced movement of the Sun, Moon, other planets, the Milky Way and more than 4,500 stars.

The planetarium is equipped only with modern equipment:

  • 12 slide projectors – used to inspect panoramic stars. They allow you to observe not only the entire panorama of space, but also its individual parts;
  • 6-channel AV system, which allows you to project images and video simultaneously in several dimensions.

In addition to observation, lectures and conferences on astronomy are held within the walls of the planetarium, and visitors have the opportunity to take part in a variety of astronomical shows, entertainment and scientific programs.

Astronomical Museum

Not far from the planetarium there is the Astronomical Museum, which offers visitors to go on an exciting route through the universe, acquaints guests with the features of the surface of stellar bodies, including the Moon, as well as other planets and stars.

The exhibition devoted to the internal structure of stars deserves special attention. It acquaints you with the core part of stars and features of its construction.

Exposition of the Astronomical Museum

  • The first hall – the collection presents a large model of the Earth, an exposition of geological history, as well as a history of human attempts to create the first launchers.
  • The second room is dedicated to the satellite of the Earth – the Moon, with its model, as well as the diorama of the lunar surface.
  • The third hall is an exposition of rocky planets – Venus, Earth, Mars and Mercury.
  • The fourth hall is a collection of gas planets – Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus.
  • In the fifth hall, interstellar space is represented, as well as the cosmic scale of distances, features of galaxies, nebulae and so on.
  • The sixth hall is entirely devoted to the history of observing stellar bodies for centuries.

How to get there

Planetarium and Astronomical Museum are located in the southern part of Rome. You can get here by public transport, which follows the route:

  • Bus № 30, 170, 671, 714, 764, 791 and others.
  • Metro line B, station EUR Fermi.


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