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Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace

Doge's Palace is located in the romantic city of Italy - Venice. Back in the Middle Ages, the palace served as the seat of government. Here sat the Senate, the Supreme Court of the Grand Council, and also worked undercover police. Construction of this building began in the 9th century, and its present appearance the building acquired only in the early 14th century. 

Two floors are decorated in the form of open galleries. The walls of the third floor lined with marble slabs beautiful pale pink. A combination of blue and pink sky Venice slabs of the building is remembered for a long time! The facade of the building with views of the lagoon is decorated with unique sculptures Filippo Calendario. Attracted the attention of the front gate Porta della map through which you can get to the palace. Stairs giants meets all the visitors entered the yard. At the top of the ladder once took place the solemn coronation ceremony of the Doges. Most valuable are the paintings of famous artists of the Renaissance - Paolo Veronese and Tintoretto. Their art makes a huge impression on the visitors. 

This palace is also famous for the fact that once there were prison dungeons. Magnificent Bridge of Sighs, thrown across the canal connects the palace with the jail. With this ancient dungeon involves a lot of unsolved mysteries that have yet to learn to future generations. Part of the prison was located directly under the roof of the palace. As the walls of these rooms were covered with lead plates, the prisoners stay Stavan aggravated by heat from the heat of the summer. In winter there was the opposite - very cold. In one of these cameras was Giacomo Casanova, who managed to escape from there through the roof. On the ground floor there were cameras, called the well. They are usually located at the level of the lagoon and were filled with water. 

To get to the Doge's Palace can be a vaporetto S.Zaccaria. 

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