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Sea resorts in Italy: a perfect vacation on the coast


Lots of people dream of their vacation on Italian seaside. No wonder. These places are really beautiful. Steep cliffs and endless blue waters have inspired world’s greatest poets, painters and writers. Charming music and romantic poems have been born here. Every stone keeps a legend here, every grotto is the former residence of ancient gods. There are more than 150 crystal clear beaches marked with the “Blue flag”. Seaside resorts of Italy will always give you more than you expect.

Beautiful seaside of Ligurian Sea, fantastic pictures of Tyrrhenian Sea, charming beaches of Sardinia and Sicily… this is what Italy is going to offer you. How not to get lost in it? Which of the coasts will suit you best? To answer this question IGotoWorld.com has prepared a list of best Italian sea resorts.

San Remo, Ligurian Sea Coast

This is one of the most famous sea resorts of beautiful Liguria. Yacht clubs, casinos, golf clubs and other places of elite entertainment can easily be found here. At night the coast turns into a huge disco club with lots of clubs, cafes and restaurants.

Photo by: italybook.ru

How to get to? The nearest airport is located in French Nice, where you can take a bus to get to the place. You can also fly to Genoa, Rome, Milan and Portofino and take a train. Choose and book a hotel in San Remo here.

Portofino, Ligurian Sea Coast

A vacation on Ligurian coast is considered to be a prestigious and respectable one. It’s famous for fantastic panoramic sea views opening from the cliffs. One of the most popular resorts here is Portofino. The pictures of its bay are known all over the world.

Photo by: eataly.net.

How to get to? The most comfortable way – by train from Genoa, where the nearest airport is situated. There are plenty of accommodations in Portofino.

Positano, Tyrrhenian Sea

The rocks and cliffs of Amalfi coast are considered to be the most picturesque ones in Italy. How about to walk a narrow path by an abyss? The Path of Gods which links fairy Positano and a small town of Praiano is definitely worth such a risk. A reward is an unforgettable picture of the Capri Island beaches accompanied by the sound of crashing sea waves. This is a real paradise for those who has been dreaming of quiet beach rest.

Photo by: salogivillas.com.

How to get to? By bus from Sorrento or Amalfi. It’s easy to get to one of these cities from the Naples airport. Book a room in Positano with a fantastic sea view!

Gaeta, Tyrrhenian Sea

“The Coast of Odyssey” – this is the romantic name of a legendary and mysterious Riviera di Ulisse. This is a dazzlingly beautiful region. Only imagine: sever cliffs covered with tiny Italian houses and kilometers long beaches with crystal clear waters. And all the coast is filled with remarkable architectural sights. One of the most lively and busy resorts here is Gaeta. Apart from disco lovers, it will also suit those who wants to be surrounded by the signs of past times.

Photo by: panoramio.com.

How to get to? From the airport of Naples you have pass 80 km by car or by bus. See more than 100 options of stay in Gaeta here.

Lecce, Apulia

On a “high hill” of  the Italian “boot” there is a wonderful Apulia region with a beautiful town of Lecce. Being located 12 km from Adriatic Sea and 23 km from Ionic Sea it is definitely a very unique resort. Walking around Lecce in a day time, it’ll dazzle you. Seems like it’s made of gold! The town buildings are built of a special limestone which gets a golden hue within some time. Here one can find lots of examples of baroque monuments. Due to them the town got the nickname of a “Southern Florence”.

Photo by: gnammo.com.

How to get to? The nearest airport is in Brindisi. Planes from Rome, Milan and Venice often land here. More than 500 hotels in Lecce are waiting for you.

Lido di Jesolo, Adriatic Sea

15-kilometers long resort with pure sea waters and highly developed infrastructure is a beloved destination be lots of Italian and foreign tourists. What is more, only a few miles separate you from gorgeous Venice and Shakespeare’s town of Verona. But the resort itself is full of historical sights, too.

Photo by: booking.com

How to get to? Marco Polo Venice airport is only 35 km away. Then – by bus. Choose a hotel in Lido de Jesolo here.

Rimini, Adriatic Sea

A famous resort on the shore of Adriatic Sea is a leader among others by the number of discos and other attractions of such kind. There’s also a record number of hotels and beaches, which stretch for 15 km. Soft sand and not very deep sea make it a perfect place for a family holiday especially with small kids. But there’s also a place for extreme lovers: they can go in for paraflying, or sailing, or even windsurfing.

Photo by: stellagold.ucoz.ru

How to get to? An airport is situated 8 km away from Rimini. Rimini is a tourist town, so, there are plenty of hotels in there.

Bordighera, Ligurian Coast

A small town with exotic palms had once enchanted a famous French artist Clod Monet, who painted most of his pictures here. In Bordighera the longest embankment in the whole Ligurian coast is located. You can walk for two kilometers enjoying enjoying magnificent sea views. And on the vertical terraces the exotic botanical garden Pallanca is situated

Photo by: mapio.net.

How to get to? The nearest airport is in Genoa. From there you can take a train. Choose and book a hotel in Bordighera here.

Stintino, Sardinia

In north-western part of Sardinia Island a wonderful beach of La Pelosa is situated. Soft white sand and pure and shallow waters make this place the best destination for family holidaymakers. This is a very picturesque place indeed! The bay is surrounded by steep cliffs. People also come here to go in for diving, windsurfing and water extreme. Book a room in a hotel here now.

Photo by: casevacanza.it.

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

Would you like to see how a milliner’s life looks like? Come to Costa Smeralda where luxury villas of world’s wealthiest people are situated. This is a gorgeous luxury resort with fashionable hotels and expensive yachts. Azure sea and endless sandy beaches. This luxury world of celebrities with parties all night long is not something everyone can afford. This resort is a place of the world’s highest concentration of most expensive yacht clubs. For a long time this territory was open only for “chosen” ones. But recently mere mortals can touch upon the charming life of Costa Smeralda. How do you find this hotel, for example?

Photo by: bluerealestate.it.

How to get to? The nearest port or airport is located in Olbia.

La Maddalena, Mediterranean Sea

Seems like such a sea can exist only on pictures: turquoise, bright blue, emerald colors mix together and create wonderful traceries. La Maddalena archipelago is the place where you can see these pictures for real. It consists of 60 islands of all possible size and shape. The main city bears the name of archipelago. La Maddalena is considered to be one of the most beautiful corners of Italy and world in general.

Photo by: airbnb.it.

How to get to? Nearest airport is in Olbia. Then take a ferry from the port of Palau. Valuable hotel deals in La Maddalena here.

Villasimius, Sardinia

Diving and windsurfing lovers should definitely come to this resort located in south-eastern part of Sardinia. Clear sea, picturesque reefs, and rich underwater life are not the only treasures of this place. What is more – you can see sunken vessels here! Besides a bright nightlife is also waiting for tourists here. Remember, only 20 km away a huge aqua park is situated.

Photo by: muscache.com.

How to get to: fly to Cagliari, then drive for half an hour or more by car or by bus. Find hotel in Villasimius here.

Taormina, Sicily

The true pearl of the sunny island of Sicily is a famous resort of Taormina. You can watch for ages the beauties of the Ionian Sea and the landscapes of Sicily from the top. The most prestigious and popular beaches on the island are located here. History lovers will also find lots of interesting things here, as this shore is really full of legends and ancient artifacts. The main attraction is the Greek Theatre.

Photo by: engelvoelkers.com.

How to get to? Fly to the airport of Catania and then take a bus or rent a car. Choose a comfortable hotel in Taormina here.

Aegadian Islands, Sicily

Sea grottos and ancient caves of amazing colors available only in palette of nature. Untouched corner of beautiful Italy – Aegadian Islands, feel like a Robinson here and explore an unknown world. This is the biggest island of Favignana archipelago.

Photo by: sailfooditaly.com.

How to get to? Take a plane to Trapani and then a boat to the island. You can choose either a budget hotel or a luxury villa on Aegadian Island here.

Isle of Capri, Tyrrhenian Sea

Exotic greenery and picturesque sea landscapes attract lots of tourists to the Isles of Capri. This is a place where myths and legends were born. Blue grotto, Jupiter villa, Cave of the Great Mother, sinking in flowers park and ancient architecture – this is only a small part of what you can see here. Book a hotel on Capri Island here.

Photo by: whywander.com.

How to get to: the nearest airport is in Naples.

Do you already have your favorite corner of a sunny Italy? What are your favorite beach resorts? Share your emotions of visiting these beautiful places on the Italian sea coast!

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