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Military Museum of Forte Marghera, Venice

Military Museum of Forte Marghera, Venice

The historic museum of Forte Marghera is a military museum in Venice, whose collection includes exhibits of the First and Second World Wars. It is located on one of the islands of the city, not far from the largest San Giuliano Park. The museum will be a godsend for researchers and fans of military history.

Exhibits of the Military Museum of Forte Marghera

The Museum of Forte Marghera is in the building of the former military barracks. The exposition presents:

  • a collection of documents on the history of the fort;
  • a large collection of rifles;
  • pistols;
  • weapons.

The collection is located in several thematic halls. In the first one, the objects from the soldiers' trenches during the First World War are collected. The second room is filled with photographs of the Battle of the Piave River, a battle of the First World War between the Anglo-Franco-Italian and French-Hungarian troops, which ended in the victory of the Anglo-French-Italian army. Some items are part of private collections and were transferred to the museum for display.

Also, there are objects of everyday life, weapons, documents and other exhibits of the periods of the First and Second World Wars in the collection.

An exposition of artillery pieces is recognized to be the gem of the collection. It is displayed on the open ground at the entrance to the museum.

How to get there

The Museum of Forte Marghera is located in the Mestre district. In order to reach the sight, you should use the public transport services: first on the vaporetto (city water bus) № 2, 4.2, 5.2, and then continue your journey either by tram T1 or by bus № 5, 19, 24, 43, 80.


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