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The magic of the province: 15 cosy corners of Italy


Rome, Milan, Verona... is that it? Are big central cities the only attractions that Italy only offer? Fortunately, no. The Italian province, small communes, towns with low-key titles are also a delight for the traveller. People rarely come specifically here, which is a pity.

On the other hand the unpopularity can be a plus – noise often kills real beauty and cosiness that are typical for any distant province of Italy. Unknown curiosities, landscapes, architectural antiquities... They are even more beautiful thanks to the shade of mystery, aren’t they?

Vernazza, Province of La Spezia in Liguria

Vernazza is a charming and colourful fairytale town on the coast of the Gulf of Genoa. This is one of the five villages in the Italian national park "Cinque Terre", or the "Five Lands". The peculiarity here is that you will not hear the noise of cars: in Vernazza vehicles are banned!

Photo: SashaLuk© IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Where to stay in Vernazza? You will be welcomed in Vernazza hotels, guest rooms and suites, the best deals start from 49 euros.

Riomaggiore, Province of La Spezia in Liguria

Commune of Riomaggiore is another fantastically beautiful place in the "Cinque Terre", that is well-known to connoisseurs of Italian wine. You will not find automobiles here, but there is a beach and "The Way of Love", which leads to the neighboring countryside – Manarola.

Photo source: italiandestinationweddings.com.

Where to stay in Riomaggiore? The city has many options at prices from 45 euros per night.

Montecatini Terme, Province of Pistoia in Tuscany

Spa resort of Montecatini Terme is the Italian commune, located at the east side of the plain of Lucca. History of the baths in Montecatini dates back to 1530. In the 20th century this area was known as the 'City of Montecatini Baths". The medieval part of the city is particularly beautiful.

Photo source: foodandbook.it.

Where to stay in Montecatini Terme? At the resort guests are welcomed with love! In Montecatini Terme, you can relax even for 20 euros per day.

Bergamo, Province of Bergamo in Lombardy

The Celtic city of Bergamo, especially its old part is a place of magical beauty. It seems that Bergamo climbed onto the Alpine ridges... And at the same time, it seems that city is hidden in the valley of the river Po. The attractions of the old Bergamo are as beautiful as they are unknown among the "average" tourists.

Photo: SashaLuk© IGotoWorld Photo Group. The tower of the Fallen.

Where to stay in Bergamo? The city has a lot of different proposals from 35–40 euros per night.

Castelrotto, Province of Bolzano in Trentino Alto Adige

Castelrotto is one of the most beautiful Italian ski resorts, situated at the foot of the mountain Schlern. It is hidden in a picturesque valley at the south part of the plateau of Val Gardena in the Dolomites. The area is surrounded by alpine pastures and dense forests.

Photo source: marthasvienna.blogspot.com.

Where to stay in Castelrotto? The resort invites all visitors, offering a truly affordable vacation (from 20 euros).

Comacchio, Province of Ferrara in the Emilia Romagna

This is a "little Venice" on the Adriatic coast. The town is located in the small lagoon in the delta of the river Po. It offers batana boats, canals, romantic trips... Comacchio offers everything you need to get away from everyday life – and there are no crowds of tourists;)

Photo Source: comocuore.org.

Where to stay in Comacchio? You can relax in the "Little Venice" by spending from 50 euros per night.

Brescia, Province of Brescia in Lombardy

Brescia is not only the city, but also the archaeological area, which includes the Roman Forum and a monastery, called San Salvatore Santa Giulia (the Holy Saviour and St Julia). This city beats records of beauty thanks to its historical architecture. The province of Brescia is also known for other attractions, for example Sirmione's historic city center is worthy of attention.

Photo source: italymagazine.com.

Where to stay in Brescia? Hotels in Brescia lure with tempting offers ranging from 22 euros.

Siena, Province of Siena in Tuscany

Siena is the city of St Catherine of Siena, one of the most mysterious mystics women of the 14th century. Besides, Siena is known as a tourist center and as a city included into the heritage of UNESCO. Within the city walls you will find a real medieval village and the Gothic cathedral Duomo di SienaVolcano Mount Amiata is situated nearby, and it has been asleep for 2000 years.

Photo source: letrappoline.it.

Where to stay in Siena? Holidays in Siena can cost from 50 to 500 euro – it all depends on the time and your financial ability.

Mantua, Province of Mantua in Lombardy

Mantua Cathedral, Palace of the Dukes, the Church of Sant'Andrea, St George’s Castle, Palazzo Ragione, Palazzo del Te, Academy of Vergil... The island city of Mantua is a small beautiful world, which will transfer its guests several epochs back.

Photo Source: playerdue.com.

Where to stay in Mantua? Mantua hotels have flexible pricing policy: you can stay here at a price of 35 euros per day.

Sant'Oreste, Province of Rome in Lazio

Commune Sant'Oreste is 44 km² of a mysterious beauty. Until recently, the area was known only for the medieval center and the surrounding scenery. However, when "Bunker Duce" built by Benito Mussolini was opened, an underground city became the new attraction. The bunker is situated in the depths of mountian Soratte.

Photo source: rurality.com, author G. Izzi.

Where to stay in Sant'Oreste? A neighboring commune – Civitella San Paolo is interesting place to stop by. Here, the Holiday Home Soratte will be waiting for you (from 52.50 euros).

Perugia, Province of Perugia in Umbria

City of Perugia is a trade mark of Umbria, small homeland of Raphael and Perugino, and is one of the cultural centers of the Apennine peninsula. Here you will find the famous Fontana Maggiore, the Templar Church and other architectural gems of antiquity. Also Perugia is one of the smallest cities in the world that has underground system.

Photo Source: panoramio.com, author Michael Kane.

Where to stay in Perugia? Even if you have just 15–20 euros in your pocket, Perugia has something to offer you!

Trevignano Romano, Province of Rome in Lazio

The commune of Trevignano Romano is a romantic countryside near the Eternal City. The picturesque lake, architecture, cozy narrow streets... The newlyweds and families with children are especially fond of Trevignano Romano. Clear water, beach and proximity of Rome (30–40 minutes), those are nice bonuses that you will get along with a vacation in the commune.

Photo source: civitavecchia.portmobility.it.

Where to stay in Trevignano Romano? It is noticeable that tourists are really welcomed in the commune: to make the vacation here affordable, options here start at the price of 15 euros per night!

Piana degli Albanesi, Province of Palermo in Sicily

In the town of Piana degli Albanesi, you will not only see the local beauty, but also be able to get acquainted with unique phenomena – Arbëreshë people.  And you will find out what is the "Italo-Albanian Catholic Church." In Piana degli Albanesi, you can hear not only Italian, but also Arbëresh, Calabrian and Sicilian languages.

Photo source: 500px.com, author Alessandro Ferrantelli.

Where to stay in Piana degli Albanesi? Vacation in the town is pretty affortable, for example, BB-type hotels (Bed and breakfast) have a flexible price policy (from 35 euros).

Altamura, Province of Bari in Apulia

"Roland has destroyed me, Frederick has rebuilt me." The greatness of Altamura is surrounded by many ancient legends. Moreover, the most ancient attractions of Altamura are preserved from the dinosaur era! And in 1993, the remains of a Neanderthal were found nearby. Apulia is also known by other "provincial" gems, those are: ancient constructions called Trulli and the mysterious Castel del Monte.

Photo source: pietroamendolara.it.

Where to stay in Altamura? You can get a good hotel in the city for 35-40 euros per night.

Fiesole, Province of Florence in Tuscany

The city of Fiesole is a masterpiece of architecture and painting, where Guido di Pietro had served in the monastery. Today, it is better known as Fra Angelico – the Angelic Brother. Boccaccio mentioned Fiesole in the "Decameron", also Block, Gumilev, Erich Maria Remarque and others wrote about it.

Photo source: the-master-of-art.com.

Where to stay in Fiesole? The options are very different: you can stay in the camping or in the villa for 30–38 euros, or in the hotel – for 40 euros.

While exploring the province of Italy, you should visit the central attractions of the country, as well as a tiny city-state of Vatican City. But which of them are better – it's up to you, the one who will examine and feel Italy, not only in words ...

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