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Monte Frumentario Palace, Assisi

Monte Frumentario Palace, Assisi

A famous ancient street called Via San Francesco can be found in the historical center of the Italian city Assisi, near Piazza del Comune. Here, in the quiet Italian outback, you can encounter many old interesting places. It is impossible to walk past the medieval Palazzo Monte Frumentario that was built in 1267. Originally it was a workhouse for the poor.

Throughout years it adapted various architectural styles, such as Roman, Gothic and Byzantine. The palace also had the Oliviera fountain installed near it in 1570 and it still can be found there.

Different exhibitions, congresses, and events designed to entertain and culturally educate visitors are held in this historical building today.

How to get

Via San Francesco is located not far from Piazza del Comune. You can reach this place by taking buses A or B to the P. Comune Assisi stop.

Opening hours: the palace is open from 10:00 till 19:30 every day.

Admission: a full ticket costs 10 euros. People under 18 and over 65 can purchase it for 8 euros. Tickets for children under 6 will cost 4 euros.


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