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Sant'Agnese in Agone

Church of St. Agnes or Sant`Agnese in Agone - titular Christian diakonia at Rome`s Piazza Navona .

Basilica got its name in honor of the Christian martyr St. Agnes of Rome, which is a symbol of spiritual purity. Legend has it that a young Christian woman was exposed naked before the Gentiles, and in front of the astonished crowd had grown her hair and covered the nakedness. In the 8th century on the territory of Piazza Navona, in place of the public house where the saint was martyred, was built a small chapel. Erection of a church in the Baroque style, which today stands in the square, was launched in 1652. Baroque church is decorated with a statue of Saint Agnes, relief "Wonderful hair of Saint Agnes" and fresco "St. Agnes in glory." In medieval crypt church contains the most valuable Christian relic - the head of Saint Agnes.


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