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Waterfall Cascata Ciucchinel, Bellino

Waterfall Cascata Ciucchinel, Bellino

Waterfall Cascata Ciucchinel is one of many waterfalls in the Alps. Narrow and not very deep, it, nevertheless, attracts a lot of climbers in winter. This place is ideal for extreme winter ascents. Mountaineers started conquering it rather recently. Romeo Isaia and Piero Marchisio were the first to conquer the frozen bed of the waterfall in the winter of 1977. Its waters flow down the mountain slope at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level. The height of the fall is 180 meters, and the difference in heights at the beginning of the ascent and at the summit is 200 meters. The waterfall is not very famous and notable, but being near the popular ski resorts, it attracts more and more winter extreme sports lovers with every year.

How to get there

The waterfall is located in the Alps, in the municipality of Bellino, 100 kilometers southeast of Turin. It is not easy to get here, it is necessary to make several transferes. From the Porta Nuova train station in Turin, there is a SV train to Savigliano. From there, take the bus № 91F or 125 to the city of Saluzzo, then the bus № 106 to the commune of Casteldelfino. You can get on foot from here to Bellino, the travel time among the beautiful mountain slopes will take less than an hour.

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