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Jewish Museum, Venice

Jewish Museum, Venice

The Jewish Museum is a cultural and historical Jewish center in Venice, which is located near the Cannaregio district. The institution is situated in the building between the two oldest synagogues in the city. On the basis of the Jewish Museum the permanent exposition is presented, and also thematic exhibitions are held here.

Exhibits of the Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum was founded in 1954. Despite its small size, the museum's collection includes many unusual and even unique exhibits. The exposition is divided into several thematic exhibitions:

  • Hall of Jewish holidays. Here items of everyday life and celebrations of Jews – candlesticks, glasses, spices and other precious objects are collected.
  • Hall of fabric. It contains a rich collection of fine fabrics that are used in rituals. In the hall there are fabrics for covering the Torah, as well as portiere and canopies. Some of the exhibits date back to 1600.
  • The third hall demonstrates the history of the life of the Jewish community in Venice. The exhibits are connected in a single route, which, on one hand, shows how strong the connection between Venice and the Jews was, and on the other, it says that, like in the rest of Europe, Jews faced persecutions in the city on water.

Also in the museum there is a large collection of books and ancient manuscripts.

How to get there

The Jewish Museum is located on one of the islands of Venice. You can get here by water bus – vaporetto. Nearest station: Guglie.

The excursions are conducted in Italian, however, by prior appointment, it is possible to conduct them in Hebrew, English and German. In addition to walking around the museum, you can visit synagogues, as well as a Jewish cemetery, which will also be accompanied by museum staff.

Opening hours:

  • from 10:00 to 19:00 (June – September);
  • from 10:00 to 17:30 (October – May);
  • day off – Saturday.


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