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Scorlazzone steps, Bergamo

Scorlazzone steps, Bergamo

Scorlazzone steps are one of the famous stairs of Bergamo connecting the Lower and Upper City. A picturesque path, paved with cobblestone starts from the street San Martino della Pigrizia and finishes near the San Vigilio castle. The length of the walking route is about 360 meters, with a difference of altitudes of 120 meters. This is a favorite place for those who are fond of sports or active recreation. Walking through Scorlazzone is not easy, but very impressive. Narrow alleys, amazing panoramic views of the valley of the monastery of Astino and the surrounding buildings, characteristic of Bergamo, relieve fatigue at once.

How to get there

In the lower Bergamo, the buses № 1 and № 10 run to the San Vigilio funicular to the stop of Largo Colle Aperto. In the upper part of the city to the funicular at Scorlazzone you can get on the bus № 21 or by taxi. Nearby there is the castle and the park of San Vigilio.


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Средневековый Бергамо или шаг в прошлое
Он  словно стыдливо  спрятался в своем цветущем благополучии в 50 км от «шумного» Милана.
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