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Fountain of the Nymph, Modena

Fountain of the Nymph, Modena

Fountain of the Nymph (Fontana della ninfa) in Modena is a tribute to the famous sculptor, who created many urban fountains and monuments. Small and simple, it adorns the small city square. The fountain was created after the Second World War, in 1948. The two-level pool on top is decorated with a bronze statue of the woman Nymph, pouring water from a jug. Its author was the famous Italian sculptor Giuseppe Graziosi, who created the sculpture back in 1924. It is part of the composition La Sorgente, represented by a master at the International Art Exhibition in Venice in 1926. And in 1948 the sculptor's family presented a statue to the city. The authorities used it wisely, decorating a small fountain within the framework of the reconstruction of the city square.

How to get there

The fountain is located in the southern part of the center of Modena, on the square Largo San Giacomo. A few blocks away there is a modest Fountain of San Francesco, and a little further – the Municipal Museum of Art. Nearby there is a bus stop, which can be reached by routes 6, 11, 11A.


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