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Mysterious Baths Fountain by Giorgio de Chirico, Milan

Mysterious Baths Fountain by Giorgio de Chirico, Milan

The Mysterious Baths fountain in Milan (Bagni Misteriosi) may slip your attention as it hides shyly among the trees of Parco Sempione in the very heart of the Italian fashion capital. Having an intricate design, the fountain conceals certain meanings. If you are into contemporary art you will definitely like it. 

Creation of the fountain and the author

The fountain is relatively new. It was opened in 1973 as a sculptural installation in the framework of the 15th Triennale held in Milan. Its author, Giorgio de Chirico, was a famous Italian artist of the 20th century. At the dawn of his career, Chirico's works were penetrated with metaphysical sense. This granted him the attention of such giants of surrealism as Salvador Dali and René Magritte. Later, the artist shifted towards academic style. Bagni Misteriosi, created 5 years before the death of the author, echoed themes inherent in the initial stage of the artist's career. The fountain did not work for a long time and was opened in 2015 after a long restoration process.

The installation of the fountain

Brightly coloured, it attracts attention and makes visitors ponder over its design. It looks like a pool with smoothly curved sides and water flowing in zigzags around art objects. The centre is dominated by the figures of two bathing men, who are standing waist-deep in the water.  At their sides are a huge striped ball and an even bigger swan. The pool has a diving board and a changing cabin. There used to be sculptures of a fish thrown out on the coast and a sun casting a shadow. Although after the Triennale they were dismantled. Seen from above, the fountain's shape resembles a stomach, which symbolizes the transformation of food into energy. Contemporary art is really boundless.

How to get there

The fountain is located in a park zone in Milan, in Viale Emilio Alemagna. Sforza Castle's windows look out to it. A permanent exhibition La Triennale di Milano, near which the fountain is located, may interest art enthusiasts.

The most convenient way to get here is by the buses № 61 or N6 (Triennale stop) or by the trams № 1 and 10 (Via Pagano Via Canova stop). The nearest metro station, Cadorna FN (line 1,2), is 5-7 minutes' walk from the fountain. 


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