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Herborarium Museum, Catania

Herborarium Museum, Catania

The Herborarium Museum is one of the most unusual museums in Catania, the main exhibits of which are the diversity of the grass of the region. A large number of herbal teas from different parts of the world are gathered in the museum. It should be noted that every visitor has the opportunity to taste and purchase any of the types of tea. The museum is located in the historical part of the city.

Exhibition of the Herborarium Museum

The Museum of the Gerborarium was opened for the benefit of the community, as well as for its cultural development. The museum's exposition is divided into several thematic exhibitions:

  • Hall of ceramics.
  • Hall of the glass factory.
  • Hall motley grass.
  • Hall of weights.
  • Hall of solutions.

In addition to exhibition activities, museum staff are actively engaged in scientific work, organize exhibitions, seminars and symposiums, also scientific conferences and educational events in schools.

How to get

The Herborarium Museum is located in the central part of Catania, close to the main sights of the city, at the end of the Crociferi street, near the San Francesco Sorge square. Due to the small size of the city, a tourist can get there while walking.


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