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Saints Vincent and Anastasius at Trevi Church, Rome

Saints Vincent and Anastasius at Trevi Church, Rome

Saints Vincent and Anastasius at Trevi Church (La chiesa dei Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio a Trevi) is very close to the famous Trevi fountain. The name suggests that you can immediately visit both sights. The church attracts attention with a lot of sculptural elements. You will want to look at them for hours. But this place is known not for the splendor of the exterior decoration.

History of the church

The church begins its history from the Middle Ages. In those days, it was known as the Saint Anastasius at Trevi Church, and retained that name until the 14th century. Until 1876, it was also called the Papal Parish. This was due to the fact that the pope's residence was situated in the same area in which the church was located. In addition, the organs of the thoracic cavity of the pontiffs, which were removed during embalming and were stored in special niches. The beginning of this eerie tradition was started by Sixtus V in 1590. It lasted until the arrival of Pope Pius X.

By order of Cardinal Giulio Mazzarino, the church was completely rebuilt. The building, which you can admire today, is made in the Baroque style and was erected between 1644 and 1650. The construction was carried out by the architect Martino Longhi the Younger

Architectural features:

  • The two-level façade of the church is decorated with many columns. This is why locals compare the building with the reed beds.
  • Since the modern church was built by the commission of Cardinal Mazzarino, the façade is adorned with his coat of arms.
  • As for the interior, the church has one nave and three chapels. The main altar is decorated with a painting by Francesco Pascucci with the depiction of the Saints Vincent and Anastasius.

Interesting facts

  • Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya and artist Bartolomeo Pinelli are buried in the church of Saint Vincent and Anastasius at Trevi. As for the latter, the story is somewhat ambiguous. The artist was embalmed and buried in 1835, but neither a monument nor a tombstone was found. This makes it difficult to assert with absolute certainty that Pinelli's body is still in the church. In this regard, there is a theory according to which the artist's body was withdrawn from the church, since it is not worthy to lie near the great pontiffs.
  • The hearts of 22 popes are kept in the specially designated place of the church. Beginning with Sixtus V and ending with Leo XIII.

How to get there

The Tritone/Fontana Trevi stop is closest to the temple. You can reach it by buses 52, 53, 62, 63, 71, 83, 85, 160, 492.

Opening hours: the church is open for visits daily from 9:00 to 20:00.

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