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Lake Scanno, Abruzzo

Lake Scanno, Abruzzo

In the protected Italian region of Abruzzo, at an altitude of 922 meters above sea level, there is Lake Scanno situated in the homonymous commune. This miracle of nature is often called a lake-heart, because in form it really resembles a heart. But this shape cannot be recognized from any angle. It is best to look from the slopes of Frattura Nuova.

The largest lake in the Abruzzo region arose as a result of a strong earthquake that occurred in 217 BC. A landslide came from the Mount Rava, which blocked the flow of water in the gorge. According to specialists, at the bottom of Scanno there are still remnants of ancient settlements.

Resort lake

The surroundings of Lake Scanno were a famous resort place even during the Roman Empire. No wonder that they are popular now. There is an abundance of offers and services. At any time of year, tourists have something to do here, especially those who like active recreation: mountaineering, mountain skiing, surfing, biking, canoeing, horseback riding, and, of course, bathing in crystal clear water and excellent fishing. In addition, any kind of holiday can be combined with walks in historical places.

The lake is surrounded by secluded villages and communities, where visitors can freely find accommodation, rent a house or apartment. Among the picturesque nature there are many places for camping.

What you need to know about Lago di Scanno

The lake reaches a depth of 32 meters. Scanno is completely transparent, thanks to the limestone bottom. Thanks to the purity of water, it was invariably awarded the "blue flag". The same applies to air. In general, this is one of the unique climatic resorts where the respiratory organs are rehabilitated, in combination with the general physical and mental state.

It is worth noting that the coastline of the lake is small. Some areas are suitable for bathing. There are pebble beaches.

How to get there

Three quarters of the lake are situated on the territory of the commune of Villalago, and one on the commune of Scanno. The lake is located in the fabulous woodland of Montagna Grande, on the border of the Italian national park Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. You can get there by car on the highway Rome – Pescara.

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