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Colletta Park, Turin

Colletta Park, Turin

The Colletta Park is one of the many green spaces in Turin. It is small and cozy but it turns into a busy place on weekends. Athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, as well as families that like picnics visit this park. Together with Parco dell'Arrivore, it is part of the recreational river zone of the Meisino Natural Park in the north of Turin.

History of the park

The favorite activity of the kings had always been hunting. They loved to hunt not far from the capital, and often created special lands. This is how “Regio Parco” originally created as the royal hunting grounds in the 17th century appeared. However, in 1706 it was destroyed during the siege of Turin by French troops. The park was the place where the artillery that shelled the city was located. Having survived the siege, the rulers of Savoy restored the park. In the 18th century, a tobacco factory was built on the opposite bank of the river which operated until 1996.

After two world wars, the park fell into disrepair. However, at the end of the last century, the city authorities decided to restore it again, and thus a simple infrastructure for active recreation was created. The park is named after Pietro Colletta, the Italian general, politician and historian of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Park infrastructure

  • The park is located near the place where the Dora Riparia falls into the Po river and is surrounded with them from two sides.
  • It is located at an altitude of 216 meters above sea level which is below the urban part of Turin.
  • The total area of the green zone is 44.8 hectares. Once you go far enough you start to forget that there is a huge metropolis nearby.
  • The terrain is open, has hills and terraces with a height difference of up to 10 m. There are many green lawns and trees. Here you can easily encounter not only river birds but also grazing goats and sheep which is quite unusual for city parks. This is because a building of the farmhouse Airale that was used for cattle breeding once is located in the middle of the park. The first records mentioning it date back to 1681 although the building is hundred years older. Since 1982, the manor has not been used and now looks more like ruins than anything. People left, but the animals remained.
  • The park has a whole network of bike lanes, many shops and a huge recreation area for families and pets. Unfortunately, the infrastructure has not been renewed very much and today it looks shabby.
  • Buildings located at the main entrance to the park seem to be in better shape. There is also a swimming pool, a skate park and several stadiums of the local football school. They are constantly maintained, and a lot of children play football or skate and rollerblade here on weekends.

Here an interesting fact: the ancient road Via Francigena passes through the park. This route was used by pilgrims and knights who traveled from England and France to the ports of Puglia from where they could get to the Holy Land. Special signs pointing to its location are set along bike lanes. While walking in the park, if you look to the east, you can find the hill Superga with the Basilica on its top. Snow-covered peaks of the Alps can be seen in the North in fine weather.

How to get

The Colletta Park is located in the north of Turin, between the districts of Barriera di Milano and Vanchiglietta. The main entrance faces Via Giulio Carcano. You can get here by bus № 19 which stops at Fermata Carcano. Tram № 15 and buses № 68, 77, 3006, 3107, E68 travel to Fermata Brianza which is behind Ponte Washington.


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