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Statue of David by Michelangelo (original), Florence

Statue of David by Michelangelo (original), Florence

The marble statue of David was presented to the public in 1504 in Florence. The author of this unique creation was the great Michelangelo. He had worked on the sculpture for two years and created a huge marble statue weighing more than six tonnes, and a height of five meters.

The Statue of David stood on the Piazza della Signoria two decades. During this time it was repeatedly subjected to various tests: several times it was struck by lightning, and in 1527 the rebels shot off its hand. Two non-professional reconstructions of the monument have caused even more damage since the statue lost its original upper layer. 

Since 1873, the sculpture is located in the main lobby of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. On the Piazza della Signoria its copy was installed. 

How to get

In order to get to the statue of David, you can try orange buses ATAF or taxi. 

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