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Capo Spartivento, Domus de Maria

Capo Spartivento, Domus de Maria

Capo Spartivento is the southern point of the island of Sardinia and a beautiful rocky coast, from which you can see the Mediterranean Sea. The highlight of the cape is an old lighthouse restored and turned into a hotel. The cape is located 5 km from the city of Chia in the commune of Domus de Maria. In general, the cape consists of granite rocks with the highest point of only 66 meters. The shore is rocky, dotted with bays. On the east side of the cape is a small sandy beach of Cala Cipolla, surrounded by pines and junipers.

Spartivento Lighthouse

Perhaps the lighthouse of Spartivento is the main attraction of the cape. It was built in 1866. In 2006, the building was renovated, recently privatized and turned into a hotel. There is a swimming pool, terraces for dinner and, of course, luxurious rooms.

The lighthouse is installed on a building 19 m high. The lighthouse's light flashes at a height of 81 m above sea level.

How to get

If you are planning a trip to the Cape Spartivento, you should be guided by the city of Chia. From the beach of Baia Chia to the cape is about 4 km by dirt road.


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