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Agrigento, Agrigento сommune

The fantastic ancient town of Agrigento is situated in Sicily and is considered the Agrigento Province’s centre. The town was founded in 582 BC by Greeks, who sailed here from Rhodes Island. For thousands of years of its existence, it had a lot of different names: Akragas, Agrigentum, Kirkent. Due to the climatic conditions, which gave an opportunity to develop winemaking all year round, the town grew rapidly and soon became one of the biggest towns in Ancient Greece. At the times of its prosperity, a great number of temples were built here. Their ruins have been preserved till present days.
The temple complex of Agrigento can be seen even from the town, though it’s situated two kilometres far from it. The Valley of Temples is the main place of interest in Sicily. It is in the list of UNESCO heritage. Every day, hundreds of tourists come to see these ancient buildings. That’s why it’s a rather busy place in a day time. But even if you’re not fond of History, it will be interesting for you to see the Temple of Heracles and the Temple of Hera Lakinia by your own eyes, to see the ruins of magnificent Temple of Olympian Zeus and to visit the necropolis of first Christians.
But Ancient Greek temples are not the only place of interest in Agrigento. The historical centre of the town looks very original as well. There is the Archaeological Museum, and Cathedral of Saint Gerland which towers on Via Duomo. The Convent of Santo Spirito and St Lawrence Church are situated nearby as well.
While sightseeing around Agrigento, don’t forget to visit a local restaurant to taste local cuisine which combines Sicilian and Greek cookery traditions. Most of the dishes contain olive oil. Eggplants are also very popular here. Cavatelli pasta is worth tasting here, too. The sisters of the Covent of Santo Spirito cook delicious almond paste and unconventional sweet couscous.
Travelling by bus is highly developed in Sicily. It’s easy to get to Agrigento from Palermo, Trapani and Catania by bus.

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