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Museum of World Cultures

Museum of World Culture is located in the castle Castello d'Albertis in Genoa. Built this castle-traveler Captain Enrico Alberto d'Albertis. He traveled to different countries and brought back many artifacts for his museum. 

After the death of the master, his collection of curiosities became the property of the state. The Museum of World Culture is a rich collection of tableware, household and ritual objects brought to Europe from America, Asia and Africa. After visiting the museum, you will see a lot of books, musical instruments, photographs, models of boats, hours of sunshine and different costumes. Many of these items were donated by the captain during his travels locals. Very interesting are the crafts made ​​of ostrich eggs, a collection of weapons, jewelry, furniture, toys and ornaments of North American Indians, as well as some of the exhibits that relate to the culture of the Maya and Aztecs. 

The museum is equipped with several rooms: Turkish, Colombian, Gothic and others. Surrounds the building of a magnificent park, which offers spectacular views of the sea and the port. 

To get to the best of Genoa by train to the museum of the world can take the city buses that pass through the central portion. 

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