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Rimini lifted a ban on cold alcohol


The famous resort town of Rimini from 15 September to lift the ban on the sale of cold alcoholic beverages, introduced in the hottest time of the year for shops and kiosks located near the waterfront. By such means the city authorities were forced to reduce the number of tourists consumption of beer and other alcoholic drinks.

After all of the rest, drunk, in the morning began to disturb the public order. Yes, and in hot weather, alcohol is harmful to health. For the sale of cold drinks for sellers was installed a fine of € 300-500. The following season, the ban in the summer will again act.

Rimini - one of the most popular Italian beach resorts, located on the Adriatic coast, close to the dwarf country of San Marino. Well known for its night life entertainment. About the history of the ancient city resemble preserved ancient Roman structures - arch built by the Emperor Augustus , the bridge times of the Emperor Tiberius , and the ruins of an amphitheater. There are interesting medieval palace buildings and temples. For example, the Palazzo del Podesta of the 14th century and the church of Saint Augustine 13th century.

And it is the hometown of the famous film director Federico Fellini. Eight kilometers from Rimini, in the town of Miramar has an international airport. By the way, named after Fellini.

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