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Venice at war with seagulls


Romantic Venice is serious about the war with seagulls attacking tourists. They will use special nozzles.

Millions of tourists like to watch the beautiful flight of herring gulls on the marine element, but these birds are known and their aggression. In recent years, significantly increase the population of seagulls. Large flocks fly over the beautiful St Mark`s Square and other attractions, and the audacity of gulls has increased markedly.

In Venice, we are tired of their attacks on tourists. Especially for tourists with food in their hands, the inhabitants of the open-air cafes. Italian newspapers write that often attack the seagulls with sharp beaks resemble a scene from the movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. Waiters street cafes have to increasingly cover the food. In addition, brazen seagulls attack on pigeons, dogs and cats.

Venetian authorities have tried different types of combat seagulls. For example, they are trying to scare the birds different sounds, but success is not crowned. A new tool in this confrontation will be huge for sprayers with unpleasant smells of essential oils gulls. At the same time, the inventors dispensers note that this tool does not harm the health of the pesky birds. Also, by the decision of the authorities will search for and remove nests of marine predators, and more engaged in cleaning of food waste.

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