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The Palazzo Vecchio is now, and in the garden you can walk


In Florence, in Piazza della Signoria, the Palazzo Vecchio on the roof garden was opened. It is located on the terrace of Saturn, on the third floor of the palace buildings. Interestingly, in the 16th century, the Palazzo Vecchio was the winter garden. And the current garden plants formed in the image of the garden of a bygone era.

Here you can see the rose bushes, fruit and citrus trees and pomegranates, a variety of aromatic herbs in pretty pots. You can relax in the garden until 25 September, this is not reflected in the ticket price.

Palazzo Vecchio - one of the most interesting and luxurious attractions beautiful Florence. The palace was built in the late 13th century, it housed the residence of the grand dukes. In the 16th century the palace settled Tuscan Duke Cosimo de `Medici. It was during this period of the building and acquired its present appearance.

Near the entrance to the palace is a sculpture of Michelangelo and Bandinelli: respectively, "David" (copy) and "Hercules and Cacus". Hall Cinquecento - ceremonial room of the palace with frescos of the 16th century, it goes to the staircase, made by the architect Giorgio Vasari. Magnificent and other rooms of the palace:. Hall elements, Hall of Hercules, Dining Room, Dressing Room, etc. They are decorated with sculptures, masterpieces of painting, monumental murals. Luxury and courtyards of the Palazzo. And Saturn terraces overlook the Florentine historical center.

It`s nice and impressive Piazza della Signoria, on which the Palazzo Vecchio .

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