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Fairy tale come true story: in Italy earned the "restaurant of Silence"

Fairy tale come true story: in Italy earned the "restaurant of Silence"

Now in Italy in the prestigious Milan restaurant «Refettorio Simplicitas» Visitors can eat ... in peace and tranquility. There is the special device that secures the noise. Next - plated bell, which called Italians and tourists, if they feel uncomfortable because of the noise. Then immediately appear waiters and shush too "loud" guests. This is the first "restaurant of silence" in the world.  

Everyone knows how impulsive and expressive Italians, as they are straightforward to communicate with friends, how violently express their feelings and emotions. This is especially noticeable in the informal atmosphere of cafes, bars and pizzerias in Italy can be found at every turn. By eating here are very serious and even passionately. Important not only for its taste merits and menu variety. Plays a role - environment, interior, communication ... Talking loudly made, emotionally; interlocutor with whom parted only yesterday, may welcome as if not seen him for many years. 

Tourists, families with children, elderly people often complain about the restaurant administrators that incessant hum impossible to hear each other and escape from the city. Of course, such an atmosphere many scares and hit revenues institutions. Victim often becomes noise attacks and waitstaff restaurants that deteriorating hearing. It has long been alarmed by Italian scientists. Installed if noise above 60-65 decibels, people usually feel uncomfortable with. What can we say about the Italian restaurant where the noise in the 80-110 decibels - a common phenomenon. 

Milan restaurateurs have been thinking a bit to cool the ardor of his impetuous countrymen. And earlier in the restaurant worked to reduce noise: the sound absorbing overbuild suspended ceilings used upholstery wood walls and sawdust, reduced the amount of mirrors reflecting and amplifying sound. But all was in vain. More silence yesterday for breakfast or dinner seemed a fantasy. Retainer noise made ​​it a reality, and the restaurant was excellent advertising. 

Now, local fans do not contain the emotions compensate ban on loud message "silent movie", "second language" Italian - his famous facial expressions and gestures. So ban it no one can. 

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