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Rome and Venice are making money on travelers


Italy - one of the most popular tourist countries in the world and wants to make more money in their appeal. Since September of this year increased tourist tax per stay in many Italian cities. In Rome, the "tax residence" paid bookings, appeared in early 2011, now the City Council, he has increased substantially, depending on the class of hotel. For each "five-star" customer one day stay in Rome and suburbs costs seven euros tax in hotels with four stars - 6 euros in three-star and most apartments - 4 euros in hotels with one or two stars - three euros. In popular among the youth of inexpensive home around the tax amount is settled on three and a half euros, and campsites cost of one or two euros. Need to pay no more than 10 days of continuous stay. The fee applies to all tourists will be charged at check into a hotel or out of it. Not taxed only children of a certain age and hostels.

The reasons for increased tourist fees mostly called economic problems of the Italian capital, the deficit of the municipal budget. In 2013, the treasury of the city with the help of this tax increased by EUR 55 million. At the same time the hotel segment of Rome innovations are not satisfied. Tourist tax significantly increases the rate and in the face of fierce competition, some hotels go to meet clients - fully or partially pay for them tourist tax.

Again more expensive for tourists and lovely Venice, where the tourist fee has been operating for nearly four goda.Ranshe she literally corresponded star hotels: 5 stars - 5 euros, 4 stars - 4 euros, three stars - 3 euros, and so on. D. Now all tax increased by 50 eurocents.

The local municipality explains the desire to support the Venetians. It is no secret that live in this special city on the water is very difficult. This everyday problems, and lack of work, and high prices. Local residents are leaving the city, with the mid-20th century, the number of its inhabitants fell from 300 thousand. Up to 60 thousand.

"Inbound" tax also applies in Florence, Genoa, Milan, Bari, Pisa, Naples, Padua, Rimini and many other Italian cities and resort areas. Their number is constantly growing and today has already exceeded 500 in 2013, the tax has provided about $ 400 million to municipalities. Euros. In many places, from September this year, the tax also increased, but not as noticeable as in the capital. It was originally planned that the funds from the tax should go to the development of tourism infrastructure, but in fact the power of cities use them for a variety of urban needs.

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