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Gardens of the Papal Residence at Castel Gandolfo are open for tourists


Castel Gandolfo is a small town on the Alban hills in Lazio region, about 30 kilometres from Rome. Its population is about seven thousand people. This is a very interesting place with the rich full of dramatic events history. The ancient city of Alba Longa used to be located in this area. As the story goes, Ascanius, the son of the Trojan hero Aeneas, founded the city. According to the legend, famous brothers Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome, were from the royal dynasty of Alba Longa. Since ancient times, the Alban Hills have been the favourite summer resort of the Roman nobility. They had built their villas here. This is a perfect place for a rest, as it is located not far from Rome and it is not so hot here, as you can feel mountain breeze. Since the early 17th century, the area is well known for the summer residence of the popes.

Now, the beautiful gardens of the Papal Palace can be visited by tourists. Pope Francis has opened these gardens to public for the first time, thus showing he is friendly and open for common people. From Monday to Saturday mornings, you can take an hour and a half guided tour through the gardens of the Papal Residence. The tours are available in Italian or English. A single ticket costs 26 euros, a group of 15 people should pay 450 euros. The tour can be booked at the booking page of the Vatican Museums’ official website.

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