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Bellagio – the city of Christmas ornaments


The city of Bellagio is called the gem of the province of Como. The most expensive and luxurious villas, picturesque parks and gardens are here. This is the favorite holiday place for the nobility and the rich.

But there is another famous thing about Bellagio – here they make the most beautiful decorations for Christmas trees. The city is rightfully considered to be the capital of Christmas decorations. It is noteworthy that all of them are made of blown glass and decorated by hand.

Photo source: zoominmilano.com.

The history of Christmas decorations in Bellagio

Christmas in Bellagio lasts all year round – all because city residents work every day to make the most beautiful Christmas tree decorations. But it was not always this way.

The main attribute of Christmas in Italy since ancient times has been the Nativity scene, this custom was never changed by the inhabitants of the Apennines. But the tradition to decorate a Christmas tree came to Italy rather late, in the 40s of last century. Nowadays, the colorfully decorated Christmas tree has become an integral part of the Italian Christmas.

Photo source: christmas-bellagio.com.

The production of Christmas tree decorations in Bellagio was initiated by the German businessman Karl Becker. At the end of World War II, he moved his Florida firm to a small town on Lake Como. Commercial activity started with the manufacture of artificial Christmas trees and wreaths. Over time, Karl made contracts with glass-blowing plants for the production of Christmas decorations. This deal turned out to be quite successful and profitable – the Bellagio decorations became popular far beyond Italy. Since the 50th, most of them went to export to America. Unique glass decorations were sold exclusively in expensive stores.

Creation of Christmas ornaments in Bellagio

For many years, the masters of Bellagio specialized on making Christmas decorations from blown glass. In addition to the classic decorations for the Christmas tree, they also make all kinds of figured ornaments.

Photo source: christmas-glassornaments.com.

Firstly, the glass is heated to a semi-liquid state, then, by inflation through a special tube, the product gains the desired shape. Following the ancient technology of the Venetian masters for the manufacture of mirrors, all of them are covered with silver. The decoration of the ornaments is done exclusively by hand, the technique of circular painting on the decoration is used. To protect the picture of the product, the top is covered with a protective layer of varnish.

Photo source: christmas-glassornaments.com.

Uniqueness of Bellagio ornaments

All decorations created in Bellagio are unique. Everyone will find something special for themselves in the collection of ornaments. The subjects of decorations are the most diverse: there is a series dedicated to Italy, animals in Santa Claus hats, heroes of popular cartoons, angels, snowmen, trees and other stuff. Figures depicting different animals, household items, clowns, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and many other unusual things are very nice-looking.

In the past, in the 60s, decorations with the image of Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck were very popular. Also Italian masters immortalized such personalities as Charlie Brown, the Beatles, the Pink Panther.

Where to buy Christmas decorations from Bellagio

The most popular shop for Christmas decorations from blown glass is the I Vetri di Bellagio –  "Bellagio Glassware" – which has existed since 1952. Spectacular shop window will not allow you to pass by, even in summer it is impossible to resist the temptation to buy handmade Christmas ornaments from local glass blowers. Shop address: Via Garibaldi 41/60, Bellagio, Como.

Photo source: christmas-bellagio.com.

La Sava is one of the most famous art workshops for the manufacture of Christmas decorations in Bellagio. The company was founded in 1973, for more than 40 years its products have been very popular among those who love excellent quality and originality.

Photo source: hellomir.net.

Bellagio is an amazing city. For hundreds of years, this small town in the north of Italy perserves the unique atmosphere of its aristocratic past.

But, despite its pretentious past, Bellagio lives an ordinary life and gladly accepts tourists from all over the world. Here Christmas never ends. All thanks to the skillful hands of glassmakers, who managed to preserve and increase the ancient traditions of their ancestors.

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